Behind the scenes


Recently, I’ve been soaking up the sun and spending some much needed time with family and friends. With big family gatherings and a wedding in the diary, I decided to take the opportunity to just chill and catch up with as many friends as possible in between projects.

With my younger brother heading to The Hague for his year studying abroad, and our youngest brother is flying the nest to University this September too – it was another reason to spend some time at home before embarking on all our exciting adventures.

…and, to my wonderful friends, Poppy and Jamie… what an incredible day and an absolutely gorgeous weekend – my goodness, the amount of LOVE in that room for you both. Wishing you a lifetime full of love and happiness together ❤

I completely immerse myself in every project and I get so focused on the job, you’ve just got to take a step back every now and again – you’ve got to find your zen. It’s so important not to let life pass you by!