“Becca is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Give her a task and she will do it and to the highest professional standard. Her commitment to constantly learn and quickly use this learning will make her a valuable asset to any company. It is great to see people like Becca adding new and vibrant blood to the Theatre Industry. I sincerely wish her all the success she justly deserves.”
Bill Talbot, Senior Lecturer in Scenography


“The talented Designer, Becca Moore, was a great asset to the team and through her hard work and diligence, she greatly enhanced an unforgettable experience for the children”
Mike Robinson – WNO Production Manager


“Becca Moore worked with me on the Welsh National Opera project, “A Close Shave for The Workhouse Kids”. It was a full day interactive performance with eleven-year-old primary school children and needed excellent, tough and adaptable design. There was a large cast of performers, singers, facilitators and musicians that needed costuming and keeping in Victorian context as well as imaginative but minimal ways of setting scenes.

Becca faced all of these challenges and produced brilliant results. Her floor cloth was a masterpiece and her attention to detail in the costume and determination not to say done until it was all just right and to everyone’s satisfaction was awe inspiring. Becca stayed with the company, working with and developing a variety of props and costumes and her good humour, patience and discipline helped everyone deliver a great performance.

She is good with performers, good with directors and producers and, in short, a great team worker. She delights in her own work and the work of others. Becca might seem shy sometimes but she has a heart of iron. She is good with audiences, especially children, and unafraid front of house. She is kind and understanding and efficient when things go wrong and great fun to celebrate with when they go right. An excellent artist and designer and a valued colleague. I hope to work with her again.”

Martin Riley – Facilitator, Writer and Creative Director at Alive & Kicking Theatre.

“A keen eye for detail and efficiently keeping to deadlines are of course important – both of which were expertly executed.  But what really makes Rebecca Moore stand out from other designers I have worked with was her natural ability to work as an integral part of the creative team.  Understanding the importance of all the many parts that make a production, demonstrating a respect for these many parts while retaining her own artistic vision.  I happily await another opportunity to work with Rebecca in her very bright future.”

Helen Woods – Composer, performer and musical animateur.

“As a freelance member of staff at the School of Performing Arts, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, I have had the joy to witness Rebecca’s growth and development in the design and production aspects of her work, and as an individual and company member.

Rebecca is a polite, friendly and sociable person with a strong work ethic, and someone who demonstrates high levels of care and thought, not just in the final facilitation of her work, but also during the process.

The first time I became aware of Rebecca’s personality and professionalism was during the BA3 Main-house Theatre module; having previously directed members of her year group as part of their Touring Theatre module, it was obvious how much she was respected and valued by her peers from the way they responded and interacted with her.

Rebecca implemented her skills and abilities during the course of three Main-house productions of varying styles and genres; on Moll Flanders.

I noticed Rebecca’s ability to communicate and engage with her company members and others in well balanced and mature way – Rebecca is clearly aware of the necessity of a well-run and organised company, but also of the value and importance of respect her Stage Management abilities were clearly utilised and demonstrated with conviction and confidence and clear communication to all.

Her attitude towards both actors and fellow design students is impeccable; a caring, supportive and encouraging atmosphere was evident, proving that she has excellent team management skills.

Her design choices for both costume and set on Six Characters in Search of an Author demonstrated an insightful and solid understanding of the style, narrative and nature of the piece both aesthetically and in realisation of given characters, their roles and environment. Concise and focussed attention to detail and high levels of thought and reflection had clearly taken place – demonstrating diligence and dedication to her work.

Finally, Rebecca was given the role of Lighting designer on Macbeth, where her aptitude for design and theatrical understanding were again demonstrated with aplomb.

During the several years I have worked at UWTSD as a freelance director and lecturer I have seen in excess of 30 shows; without doubt Rebecca has produced the strongest and most impressive LX I have witnessed. The lighting helped to exercise and stretch the narrative to something beyond a BA3 production; it emphasised, understood and enhanced the mood, atmosphere and dynamics of the play, whilst also pushing the aesthetic boundaries. In my opinion, the LX was the standard of a strong and seasoned designer working at a high theatrical level, who had confidence and creativity in their choices.

From May to December 2015, Rebecca was on a work placement with the WNO, proving that she wanted to challenge and improve her talent and abilities at the higher standard – her time with the WNO has evidently proved fruitful, and Rebecca has returned to Trinity as a highly valued student.

I would have no problems with employing Rebecca professionally in a range of capacities, all of which she is extremely confident, capable and talented at.”

James Scannell – Actor and Performing Shakespeare lecturer at UWTSD.