Behind the scenes

All or Nothing; the final curtain call

…and just like that, it’s lights down on All or Nothing: the Mod Musical for the final time.

The last 15 months have been amazing and such a learning experience, if you had told me that I’d be in this position just two years after graduating – I would have, of course, laughed out loud. I have honestly had the time of my life on this tour, travelled all over the country and gave everything I could to making this show the best it could be. I am so so happy with what I have been able to do for this company and the hard work definitely paid off.

I started with All or Nothing at the beginning of 2017, initially as LX2 / Tech Swing before taking on the role of ASM for the autumn run. This involved an extensive year long tour of the UK and Ireland. I then spent this year in the West End as Assistant Stage Manager for Cahoots Theatre Company’s with this same production, All or Nothing: The Mod Musical, with a run at the Arts Theatre before our transfer to the Ambassadors Theatre.

People have since asked me whether I preferred touring. Living in each others pockets every day can be tough, but some of my best and most favourite memories are from the time we were on tour.

I wish nothing more than huge success for the wonderful people I have met throughout my time with All or Nothing, from the cast and directors, to the touring and local crews and to all of the creatives, as well as the audiences.

It’s been an absolute joy of a journey and I would recommend this career to anybody.